Bob's 2015 Cards

Thank-you card from Barb, Diana, Danny & Alex Korhely for Christmas Gifts

Thank-you card from Sarah Abbott for MS Donation

Thank-you card from Tony & Barb Korhely

Thank-you card from Danny Sermak

Thank-you card from Nikki Sermak

Thank-you card from Braden & Ashliegh Johnson

Forney Museum Fund Raiser

Anniversary Card from Deb (LTF friend)

Anniversary Card from Joan 38 years!

New Years Letter from Jeff & Maria Brotherston

Thank You Card Ann Maria Adams

Thank You Card Lori Duncan

Valenday's Card from Joan

Thank You Card from Madeliene (nativity friend)

Baby Shower Invite for Braleigh Johnson (Bradon & Ashliegh)

Thank You Card from Tom, Denise & Tommy Korhely

Thank You Card from Soo Kwon(tokyo teriyaki)

Friendship Card from Ju Wan Kwon(tokyo teriyaki)

Congradulations from Bud and Dot Bevard

Congradulations from Dick and Candy Thompson

Congradutions from Jolene Pequinot

Congradulations from Madeliene (nativity friend)

Congradulations from Darlene Whitehead

80 Birthday Party Invite for Bob Teets

Thank-you Card From Deb Rotella

I Miss You Card from Joan

Charity Event invite from SilTerhar

Save the date for Christopher Lange Wedding

Thank-you Card Braden & Ashleigh Johnson

Thank-you Card from Delaney Katopodes

Thank-you Card from Jesselyn Sutter

Solicitation Letter and Picture from Lauren Abeyta

Birthday Card from Shirley Cloutier (Mom)

Birthday Card from Diana & Mark Decordoba

Birthday Card from Betty Mundale (sister)

Birthday Card from Deb Rotella (health club)

Birthday Card from Joan Cloutier (wife)

Birthday Card from Ann Marie Adams (church lady)

Birthday Card from Darlene Whitehead

Birthday Card from Steven Crandall

Birthday Card from Colorado Viper Club

Graduation Picture from Amy Diane Schweitzberger

Graduation Announcement from Liana Almony

Thank You Card from Liana Almony

Thank You Card and Picture from Amy Schweitzberger

Thank You Card from Lori Duncan

Happy Father's Day Card from Barb, Danny, Diana & Alex Korhely

Happy Father's Day Card & Brooklyn Announcement from Nicole, Jeremy, Brooklyn & Sammy Ball

Thank You & Update Letter from Sarah Jane Abbott

Thank You Card from Angel Ruest

Baby Announcement Kodi Rick Thomas

Thank You Card from Victor & Nan Dawson

Thank You Card from Viper Club (Steamboat Event)

Wedding Invitation from Kathleen Gesterling & Christopher Lange Sept 4, 2015

Wedding Nuptials Mother Cabrini Shrine Kathleen & Christopher Lange Sept 4, 2015

Thank You Card Madeleine (church lady) September 7, 2015

Thank You Card Father Bob Amundsen September 2015

Thank You Card Kathleen & Chris Lange November 2015

Halloween Card from Barb, DI, Danny, Alex 2015

Thank You Card Diane Adams (Ann Marie Adam's daugther) November 2015

Thank You Card Angel Reuest Life Time Fitness November 2015

Thanksgiving Card Rachel Tardif Novemeber 2015

Thank-you Card JO December 2015

Thank-you Card from Tokyo Teriyaki December 2015

Bike MS Card from Sarah Jane Abbott December 2015


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